Tree & Shrub: Insect Control.

Insects can cause considerable damage to your trees and shrubs. Knowing what to look for will allow you to determine if your trees or shrubs need control measures, Grounds Services offers a variety of chemical control measures from insect sprays to injections to protect your landscape plants.



Aphids can come in an assortment of colors, from green to red and brown to purple. The aphid can damage the leaf and stem of a plant (although some plants do not seem to be... Read more about aphids on plants >>



Bagworms can be destructive to a variety of plants, including: arborvitae's, red cedars, junipers, oaks, sycamores, maples, and apple trees, just to name a few. They camouflage themselves by creating a... Read more about bagworm >>

black vine weevil

Black Vine Weevil

These pest feed on over 100 different plants, from trees to shrubs and flowers to vines. The adult stage feed along the leaf margin creating crescent-shaped grooves while the larvae stage feeds at the root of... Read more about black vine weevils >>



Borers are insects (such as beetles or moths) which spend a portion of their development under the bark of certain trees. Many borers do not cause extensive damage to the tree and in fact... Read more about borer activity >>

dormant oil

Dormant Oil

A proactive product which suffocates insects and scale. In early spring, before bud break, dormant oil may be applied to trees or shrubs to target inactive insects on the bark or leaf of the plant. Read more about Dormant Oil >>

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

These pest create a 'tent' within the forks of branches. They are usually active throughout spring and one large colony can completely defoliate a small tree. They will feast on a variety of trees including... Read more about eastern tent caterpillar >>


Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer has been the cause for the death of multiple ash trees and forced quarantines throughout multiple counties, including the surrounding areas of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan... Read more about Emerald Ash Borer >>

Fall web worm

Fall Webworm

The fall webworm leaves a distinctive and unmistakable mark on our trees. The construct unsightly webbed sacks around twigs and branches, enclosing leaves as they do. To someone who may not know it's the... Read more about fall web worms >>



Galls are growths on the plant which may be caused by fungus, bacteria, insects, mites or mechanical injury. Visually the tree or shrub will show swelling in portions of the leaf, twig, trunk, root or branch... Read more about galls >>

Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetles can defoliate a tree within a matter of a few weeks (or sooner if the infestation is heavy). We have seem booms of beetle population in areas that previously had no problem... Read more about Japanese Beetles >>

Pitch Mass Borer

Pitch Mass Borer

Damage from the pitch mass borer will start at the top of the tree and work it's way downward throughout time. The damaged tissue will not rebound and it is recommended to top the tree off at that point... Read more about pitch mass borer >>

scale insects


Scale is an interesting insect, the females rarely have legs (with the exception of some soft-bodied species) and do not have wings. The males, on the other hand, resemble gnats though do not have... Read more about scale >>

spider mites

Spider Mites

Spider mites are a common pest in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, there are multiple species, though they are managed in the same fashion and produce a distinguished silken thread... Read more about spider mites >>

Want more? University of Minnesota has a great page dedicated to insects. Click here.

Insecticides can either be systemic (absorbed through the plant and then ingested by the insect through feeding) or contact (applied directly to the insect or picked up by the insect moving through an area which has the insecticide on it). Insecticides may be selective (attacks only specific insects) or broad-spectrum (affects a wide range of insects).

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