Tree & Shrub Care Services: Environmental & Abiotic Damage.

Factors such as temperature, drought, moisture, sunlight and other components can affects trees and shrubs. This section is dedicated to the other stresses which may be found in the landscape.

drought symptoms on trees


Trees suffering from drought stress may exhibit signs immediately or hold back visual signs for a year or two. Short-term drought is lack of adequate moisture for one growing season while... Read more about drought damage >>

Roots girdled around trunk

Girdling of Roots

Tree roots can grow around the main stem of the tree sometimes which will restrict water and nutrient uptake by the tree. Throughout time, the tree will begin to exhibit discoloration of leaves, stunted growth... Read more girdling roots >>

mechanical injury

Mechanical Injury

Trees and shrubs can suffer injury from mechanical error; everything from paving to weed whacking can cause damage to a tree. The best way to prevent damage is understand your trees growth habit... Read more about mechanical injury >>

over watering

Over Watering / Flooding of the tree roots

Roots need water and air. If the roots are exposed to excess moisture for a prolonged period of time, trees may suffer due to the lack of oxygen. Roots may try to form near the surface as they seek oxygen... Read more about over watering >>

salt damage

Salt Damage to Trees and Shrubs

Salt can damage plants in two ways: through the air coming in contact with new buds or through the soil coming in contact with the root system. The chlorine and sodium (which the salt breaks down into). Read more about salt damage >>

winter damage

Winter Damage & Scald

The freezing temperatures that occur in Ohio and Michigan during with winter months can place stress on our trees and shrubs, especially if we experience multiple freeze and thaw periods... Read more about winter damage >>

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