Tree & Shrub: Tips

Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is our priority; whether it be chemical care or simply sharing our knowledge, Grounds Services wants your landscape to thrive.

Location, location, location:

Planting your trees and shrubs in the proper location is the most important tip we can give out. The problem is, most homeowners or property managers do not take this into consideration until the plant is showing signs of decline or out-growing it's space. An excellent site dedicated to helping individuals find that perfect plant for that specific spot is the National Gardening Association. The Arbor Day Foundation also has a great site for finding trees and shrubs ideal for specific sites.


Pruning can be tricky at best. There are right ways to prune and if done incorrectly, you may actually put your tree at risk for decline. The USDA Forest Services has compiled some information on pruning.


The drought section of this site offers information on keeping your trees from lack of moisture.


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