Tree & Shrub Insects: Scale.

Scale is an interesting insect, the females rarely have legs (with the exception of some soft-bodied species) and do not have wings. The males, on the other hand, resemble gnats though do not have mouthparts and therefore only live for a couple of days in their adult stage. The nymph stage and adult females feed on the sap from the plant, as they do this, honeydew is secreted and may attract other pest such as ants or wasps. The honeydew may also produce a fungi called sooty mold.

Species of scale varies widely in their physical appearance and chances are you have come in contact with scale before without knowing they were insects. Scale also affects the plants they attack differently - some plants seem unaffected while others will drop their leaves in reaction to an attack.


Armored Bodied

Mealy bugs

Trees and shrubs Attacked:

Damage to look for :

What homeowners can do:

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