Tree & Shrub Insects: Galls.

Gall causes swelling or raised bumps on portions of the leaf, twig, trunk, root or branch and may be caused by fungus, insects, mites or mechanical injury. Galls which are due to insect activity are caused by one of two reasons: The insect feeding on the plant or the insect laying eggs on the plant and how the plant reacts to these incidents.

Although the damage is unsightly, galls do not usually damage the tree in the long run (though heavy infestations can defoliate and deform a tree). Once the gall has formed homeowners may prune the gall areas out. If galls are a common problem year after year, an insecticide may be warranted as a preventative measure (the application must be made through spring into early summer).

Trees and shrubs Attacked:

May occur on nearly every species of tree or shrub in the Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan region.

Damage to look for :

What homeowners can do:

If you believe your trees or shrubs have insect activity, call Grounds Services today for a no-obligations visit at 419-536-4344.


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