Turf Fertilization Services and lawn care programs.

When it comes to fertilizer, we have solutions for you! Grounds Services, Inc. offers synthetic granular fertilizer as well as organic options.

Lawn Fertilization Services Toledo

How do granular synthetic fertilizer work?

When it comes to a synthetic blend of granular fertilizer, nutrients (nitrogen - phosphorous - potassium) are accurately measured out to create a specific blend. The bonus of having an exact blend allows us to predict how your lawn will react to the application and also gives us the opportunity to distinctively define the right blend in relation to the weather. Another benefit to granular fertilizer is the product may be time-released, meaning that the fertilizer does not release 100% of itself upon application immediately. The granular fertilizer will continue to break down over time, dependent on the coating, dew and precipitation, which allows more time between applications.

Organic Option / Organic Fertilizer

We offer an organic fertilization program. Bio-Solid fertilizers, like milorganite, may be applied without pesticides, such as: liquid weed control, insect control and pre-emergent crabgrass controls. We offer a variety of tips and tricks to try and keep the weeds and other undesirable pest under control. This product will fix poor soil conditions over time, though the turf will not respond in the same manner is it would with synthetic fertilizers.
*Michigan is a no phosphorous state. Because these organic fertilizers contains phosphates, a soil test needs to be completed and analyzed before this program can be implemented. If you are interested, Grounds Services can perform a soil test for $30.


Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash (Potassium). These are the three major nutrient contents which are found in fertilizer. Other nutrients may include a blend of calcium, sulfur, magnesium and micro nutrients.

Grounds Services, Inc. offers a variety of services for your lawn care needs. To schedule a technician visit and/or receive a free estimate, contact us today at 419-536-4344 or fill out a request for a lawn care quote.


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