Turf & Lawn Services: Weed & Vegetation Control

A selective broadleaf weed killer is applied with the second, third and fourth applications of the season (unless requested otherwise) to target broadleaf weeds. Clients may also request weed control only applications or total vegetation control (a nonselective herbicide similar to roundup weed & grass killer).

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Turf & Lawn: Weed Control

Weed: an undesirable plant in a specific location.

Liquid weed control may be applied to the lawn without killing your grass. The product is specially formulated to only target broadleaf plants (weeds) throughout the lawn. The product is absorbed through the leaf of the plant and travels down to the root system. Within a week or two, the weeds will begin curling than dying out. Liquid weed killer may be applied to a lawn at any time throughout the growing season. Unlike a total kill product, such as RoundUp (or a product containing glyphosate), liquid weed control will only kill the unsightly broadleaf weeds while leaving your grass and lawn to prosper.

Controlling Weeds in Flower Beds

Because liquid weed control targets broadleaf plants, it is not the product to use on flower beds. In early spring start by hand-pulling the weeds from the flower beds or mulched areas, making sure to also get the roots out. Once completed, follow up your beds with an application of Preen pre-emergent herbicide and 2"-3" of mulch. To keep control, reapply the preen once every 2 months. At the start of the next season, work the previous years mulch into the soil and add a new layer of mulch in spring.

What homeowners can do to help keep weeds out of their lawn:

Throughout the growing season. If you are a customer of Grounds Services, Inc. your lawn will be treated throughout the season with the applications, though remember that we are a phone call away if your weeds need a double dose.

Total Vegetation Control and grass killer

Sometimes homeowners or property managers have areas (gravel, beds, parking lots, etc.) on their property that they want completely cleaned up of plant growth. Vegetation control will target all plants it comes in contact with. This is a good solution for paths, drives, parking lots or other areas where plant growth is undesired. Usually, only two applications a year will be sufficient to control the target area. Grounds Services uses Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up, to safely and efficiently control vegetation or unwanted grass. The product is absorbed through the leaf of the plant and immediately begins to break down the cells of the leaf which halts the plants food production.

Grounds Services, Inc. is also licensed for vegetation control in or near water. EPA regulates that only certain products may be applied to areas near or in water, and that the applicator is certified in that category. With Grounds Services, you can feel comfortable that the job will be done right, on time, and in accordance to regulations for our environments sake.

Grounds Services, Inc. offers selective weed control and total vegetation control. Give us a call today for a no obligations quote: 419-536-4344

Precautions with Weed Control

Grounds Services, Inc. receives many calls throughout the growing season in regards to weed control and any precautions that need to be made for them, their families, or their pets. After a technician applies the product, stay off the lawn and keep your pets or children off the lawn. The product may dry as quickly as 1/2 - 3 hours (depending on how cool it is - the warmer the faster), though normal activity may resume the next day.

Herbicides can either be contact (applied and targeting only the parts of the plant where the chemical is deposited) or systemic (applied to the leaf or root structure of the plant in which the chemical may be absorbed and transported throughout the plant). Some herbicides are non-selective meaning that the chemical will target any and all growth (grass, broad leaf weeds, shrubs, etc). Selective herbicides target specific plants such as broad leaf weed control which will not damage the turf grass while applied on a lawn. Herbicides may act as growth regulators, interfere with the plants natural chemical synthesis, or effect a seeds germination habit. As with all pesticides, please read and follow all label instructions.


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