Services & Programs. Customize a program that's right for you.

You can either request a pre-crafted lawn care program or build one that works for you and your budget. We offer a variety of services from lawn fertilization and vegetation control to insect controls and tree & shrub services to choose from.

Lawn Care Services

Seasonal Information For Lawn Fertilization Programs In Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan

Lawn care can be a challenging task. With all your daily chores and schedule, it can be difficult to time everything just right. With Grounds Services, you can be certain that your lawn will be treated at the proper times in a professional and precise manner.

Build A Program That Works For You - Choose From:

Our most common program is a 5 step application process with grub control for your site. This allows complete broadleaf weed control, crabgrass control and granular fertilizer solutions to keep your lawn fed throughout the season.

Early spring lawn care - Lawn Fertilization Program Application # 1

The break from the winter weather is always welcoming. Gardens and trees come alive again, squirrels and birds emerge to freshly warmed air, and homeowners look forward to that first mow... Read more about spring services>>

Late spring / Early summer fertilizer - Lawn Fertilization Program Application # 2

As the threat of frost passes, early summer is the ideal time to bring new life to the lawn with a variety of seeds and plants. The weather is usually stable and naturally moist which allows our landscape to adjust... Read more about late spring services>>

Summer lawn care - Lawn Fertilization Program Application # 3

The heat and long days of summer offer up lazy afternoons to simply enjoy the family and back yard, though those long days and heat can be torture on the lawn. During the hottest part of the season, ensure that... Read more about summer services>>

Late summer / Early fall fertilizer - Lawn Fertilization Program Application # 4

Late summer and early fall are beautiful times of the year where the heat has simmered and school is starting back up. The relief from the heat also brings some of the insect activity back up... Read more about early fall services>>

Late fall lawn care - Lawn Fertilization Program Application # 5

Fall is the ideal time for many chores; including aeration, seeding, deep root fertilization, transplanting and pruning. The weather begins to cool once again as the familiar smell of autumn fills the air... Read more about winterization services>>


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