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Maximize the condition of your lawn with our seasonal program. Grounds Services, Inc. ensures that your lawn will be treated at the proper times with a blend of granular fertilizer tailored for the seasonal conditions.

lawn fertilization and care

Granular Fertilizer

Nutrients will not wash away or burn out your lawn and are metered out steadily over a period of time. This slow-release method allows for your grass to grow thicker and greener instead of longer and faster... Read more about fertilization services >>

Aeration / Seeding

Plugs of soil are extracted from the turf allowing for better air and water circulation. As the plugs fall back onto your lawn, the break-up of the soil helps to decompose thatch on the surface... Read more seeding >>

Lawn Fungicide

Lawns suffer from a variety of disease and fungus activity dependant on soil type, weather conditions, moisture, etc. Grounds Services can apply fungicides to help cure your property from activity... Read more about lawn fungicides >>

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae stage of Japanese Beetles. They feast on the root of grass and can cause extensive to total lawn damage. The majority of the damage occurs in early to late fall as dead areas... Read more grub control >>

Lawn Insect Control

For more information about common insects throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, click here. Grounds Services, Inc. can treat your property for surface feeding insects during... Read more about insect control services >>

Weed & Vegetation Control

Weed control is applied with the second, third and fourth applications of the season (unless requested otherwise) to target broadleaf weeds. Clients may also request weed control only applications... Read more about weed control services >>

Ground Burrowing Mammals

Animals, such as moles and groundhogs, can quickly become a nuisance and damage both the lawn and property. They will burrow under foundations, sidewalks, streets and any other portions of... Read more about ground burrowing mammals >>

Grass Type

We all have those areas in our yard where grass just seems impossible to grow successfully. Ideally, a blend of grass varieties and types makes the best solution since different grasses have different qualities... Find your ideal grass type >>


Mushrooms are very common in Ohio & Michigan lawns, usually there is no need to worry about them as they seldom do harm to our lawns. Mushrooms in lawns typically are produced by decaying... Read More about mushrooms >>

Turf Tips

Search through a variety of tips to help keep your lawn looking it's best. From pet urine to watering, Grounds Services has compiled a wealth of tips and hints related to keeping your turf healthy... Tips for your lawn >>

Did you Know?

Grounds Services, Inc. offers a variety of services for your turf needs. To schedule a technician visit and/or receive a free estimate, contact us today at 567-952-0057 or fill out a request for a lawn care quote.


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