Tree & Shrub Insect Services: Dormant Oil.

A proactive product which suffocates insects and scale. In early spring, before bud break, dormant oil may be applied to trees or shrubs to target inactive insects on the bark or leaf of the plant. As the oil coats the plant, it will also coat the insects and eggs in the oil. This coating will smoother and suffocate the insect or interact with their fatty acids to interfere with the insects metabolism as they come out of dormancy.

Dormant Oil

This product is extremely time sensitive and must be applied right before bud break. Dormant oil can target a wide variety of insects, from spider mites and aphids to caterpillar eggs and scale.


If you believe your trees or shrubs have insect activity, call Grounds Services today for a no-obligations visit at 419-536-4344.


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