Tree & Shrub Insect Control: Borer Activity.

Borers are insects (such as beetles or moths) which spend a portion of their development under the bark of certain trees. Many borers do not cause extensive damage to the tree and may only attack trees currently weakened by other activity. With that said, their are species of borers that can do extensive damage to healthy trees such as the Emerald Ash Borer or the bronze birch borer.

Carpenter worms

Large caterpillars which feed under the bark on sap.

Clearwing Borers

Adult clearwing Borers resemble wasp. The wounds from clearwing borers do not heal and invite fungi and other insects entry to the tree.

Roundheaded Borers

Usually, the Roundheaded Borer attacks dead or weakened trees. Heavy damage may occur from this pest which may cause the death of the tree.


The larvae stage of weevils can cause damage as they feed on the root, stem or seed of the plant. The adult stage will feed on foliage leaving crescent-shaped chew marks on both conifers and deciduous trees. Read about the Black Vine Weevil

Emerald Ash Borer

These pests quickly populated our area and have caused extensive damage and death of Ash trees. The larvae feed on the trees tissue under the bark causing extensive damage while the adults feed on the leaf of the plant. These pest are not native and insecticides are currently the recommended option for dealing with them. Jump to Emerald Ash Borer

Trees and shrubs Attacked:

All conifers and deciduous trees are susceptible to attacks by borers.

Damage to look for :

What homeowners can do:

If you believe your trees or shrubs have insect activity, call Grounds Services today for a no-obligations visit at 419-536-4344.


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