Tree & Shrub Care Insect Control: Eastern Tent Caterpillar.

The Eastern tent caterpillar create 'tents' within the forks of branches. They are usually active throughout spring and can completely defoliate a small tree. They attack a variety of shade trees.

Although the damage looks significant, the tree usually is able to recover during the next growing season. Unlike the fall webworm, the eastern tent caterpillar does not use leaves in it's nest (tent). They are active in late spring through early summer and year to year their populations will vary.

Trees and shrubs Attacked:

  • Apple, Crabapple, Fruit trees.
  • Damage to look for :

    What homeowners can do:

    If you believe your trees or shrubs have insect activity, call Grounds Services today for a no-obligations visit at 419-536-4344.


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