Lawn Care Services: Summer

The heat and long days of summer offer up lazy afternoons to simply enjoy the family and back yard, though those long days and heat can be torture on the lawn. During the hottest part of the season, ensure that your turf, trees and shrubs have adequate moisture. When temperatures exceed 85+ degrees, we recommend a brief watering in the middle of the day (if there is no rain in the forecast). This may not hydrate your lawn, though it will help to relieve heat stress allowing the turf to better recover on it's own.

Chemical Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization Application # 3

This application will provide nutrients to your turf during the hot, dry summer months. As dew forms on the leaf of the plant, it will help to break up the granular fertilizer and get the nutrients down into the soil for the root of the grass, though it is also recommended to water your lawn within one-two weeks after this application. Hooking up a sprinkler or turning on your irrigation for 15 minutes per zone is adequate This will also give your lawn a much needed drink if dry conditions persist for a prolonged period of time.

Optimal water for your lawn:

1" a week (rain or irrigation), generally, the best time to water is morning. To save on water, you can cut down on the number of times per month, though ensure that when you do water, you drench the soil enough to promote deep root growth. Also, to help your turf retain moisture, mow at a high setting (about 3").


Does your water bill seem high? Call and ask them if they can give you winter averaging for sewage use.

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