Turf Insect Control: Mosquitoes

Ah, mosquitoes. That one insect we wish would just go away... or at least leave us alone. While these pests serve as food to frogs, birds, and bats, they also carry diseases and are a nuisance to their host. The best defense, if you must go out, is DEET and long sleeves and pants. Read and follow all warning labels before use.

Only the female mosquitoes feeds on blood in order to produce fertile eggs. In return, they inject saliva with proteins that prevent the host blood from clotting. This exchange may cause irritation, itching, or even severe reactions. They are attracted to our heat signature and CO2, by keeping your outdoor activity low you will attract less of these pests. Also, ensure that there is no standing water - this will limit their breeding ground.

If you have a severe problem with mosquitoes, contact your city or county and see if they can help. Contact information for Mosquito Control in our service area:

What homeowners can do:



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