Lawn Care & Maintenance Services: Spring

The break from the winter weather is always welcoming. Gardens and trees come alive again, squirrels and birds emerge to freshly warmed air, and homeowners look forward to that first mow to kick-off the season. Spring is also an important time for season-specific services, such as tree/shrub fungicides or pre-emergence crabgrass control for the turf. The first cut of the season should be on a low setting (though do not scalp the turf). This will promote thicker growth. Request a fertilization quote

spring fertilization services

crabgrass prevention services

Chemical Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization Application # 1

Pre-emergence crabgrass prevention is included to help prevent the germination of weed-grasses such as crabgrass, goose grass and fox tail. The fertilizer will help the turf green up and recover from dormancy. This is not the ideal time to seed. Need to repair patches? Apply top soil after the first application has been applied and seed on top of that to create a barrier between the pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide and the grass seed. The ideal time to seed is late summer/fall.

Potential lawn problems in early spring:

Gray Snow Mold
Pink Snow Mold
Ground Burrowing Mammals

tree spring care company

Chemical Tree & Shrub Care in Spring

Check out some of these tree & shrub services that we offer in spring! Of all of them, the most important is fungicide treatments due to time sensitivity. If you have noticed spots or other discoloration (mainly on the leaf of the plant) on your trees or shrubs, we can help prevent or cure the issue.

Dormant Oil
Deep Root Feeding
Salt Damage


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