Turf Insect Control: Ticks

Ticks are small, easily overlooked, and are parasites (living off of another host). They do not fly, jump, or blow along with wind currents; though they are patient and will wait for a suitable host. They will rest on shrubs or grasses, when the host rubs past the plant, the tick will then crawl and attach to the mammal (they do not fall from trees as commonly thought).

Average size: 1/16" - 1/8" (unfed)

3 species to look out for: American dog tick, Lonestar tick, Black legged tick.

Once on the host, the tick may crawl to an area that is suitable for feeding and then attach itself - it can take several days to complete feeding. They can be active during cool temperatures 45 degrees and above.

What homeowners can do:

how to protect yourself from ticks

If you suspect ticks are a problem on your property, call us today for insect control solutions: 419-536-4344


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