Tree Diseases: Scorch

Visually, leaf scorch appears as browning or discoloring along the leaf margin which gradually overtakes the remaining tissue of the leaf. It can reoccur annually, causing defoliation of the tree starting at the crown and randomly infecting one branch at a time.


It may be caused by environmental factors such as drought, insects, chemical injury, root restrictions or other unfavorable conditions. Leaf scorch can leave the tree weakened and more susceptible to insect or other disease activity. The leaf discolors and dries up as there is not enough water to travel through the roots to the leaf. Poor, heavy soil can also prohibit the tree from receiving enough moisture (and nutrients) while also inhibiting the root structure. A deep root fertilization would benefit the tree because it will aerate the soil in the root zone, add nutrients and add moisture. Ensure that the tree receives a heavy watering infrequently during dry periods, especially if the tree is in direct sunlight.

There are no known cures for leaf scorch and it is recommended that homeowners or property managers who face this problem in their landscape try and prolong the life of their tree to the best of their ability; water, fertilization and pruning which can help extend the life.

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