Turf Fungus & Diseases: Red Thread

Red thread infects grass blades and leaf sheaths. The fungus is distinguishable by thread-like strands or web-like areas of pink or red on the tips of brown grass blades. This, as with all funguses, can be spread by foot-traffic, mower blades, and other activities that occur on diseased turf..

A high amount of moisture usually promotes this fungus activity on your lawn. If you notice red thread activity, change your watering routine to late morning. This will help to keep your turf dryer for longer periods of the day and demote the fungus activity as well as relieve stress from the turf during hot days.

Disease Development Favored by:

Corrective Measures:

Fungicides are not usually warranted, though if you need a technician to come out and review the condition of your lawn, feel free to contact us at 419-536-4344.


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