Tree Diseases: Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is damage to the tissue of tree or shrub leaves. There multiple causes of leaf spot, including: fungus, bacteria, air pollution, insects or weather. The damaged leaf will begin to exhibit spots, ranging in size from a pin-head to the entire leaf and in color from tan, brown, black or red (usually surrounded by a different color border). The tree or shrub may start to lose some or most of it's leaves.

leaf spot

Favorable conditions include cool, wet weather; the disease spreads as spores are dispersed through rain, wind, mechanical means or insects. Although the leaves look unsightly, leaf spot usually does not cause dieback on healthy trees; though trees that are under stress may have dieback after leaf spot becomes a problem.

If leaf spot is a continuous problem, a fungicide may be warranted. This product must be applied in early spring when the fungus is becoming active.

Disease Development Favored by:

Corrective Measures:

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