Turf Insect Control Services: Fleas

Although these pest are not turf-destroying pest, they are a problem for many homeowners and their fury family members, they can transmit diseases from rodents or other mammals to humans as well as tapeworms.

Adult size: about 1/16th - 1/8th inches

If you have or previously had a flea problem, one part of the solution may be surface feeding insect control. A good pest management program involves multiple points of treatment and a surface feeding insect application could help to control the flea population in your yard. It is important to keep in mind that treating the lawn is only one front in the battle against fleas.

What homeowners can do about fleas:

Note: As you vacuum, you may disturb unhatched eggs causing them to hatch. This is part of the reason you need to vacuum regularly.

For fleas, we recommend a bug shield & surface feeding insect control. This will help the exterior of your home - shampooing the interior carpets will help eliminate the interior population. For a FREE quote, call us at 419-536-4344


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