Lawn Fungus & Diseases: Dollar Spot

Dollar spot on grass begins as small circular light brown or straw colored patches (size of a silver dollar). The leaf or blade of the grass will have tan spots or lesions that span the width of the blade and have a darker rust-colored border. In the early morning, while dew is present, a cobwebbed appearance may form on turf infected by dollar spot (mycelium). This is an indication of the disease 'feeding' and spreading.

As this fungus continues to spread across the lawn (either by foot traffic, wind, water, mowing, etc), the circular patches will will begin to merge together and can take over large portions of the lawn. Throughout our time in business, we have observed that dollar spot (as well as a few other funguses) tend to affect full sun areas more often. This is possibly due to the amount of stress the lawn is under during extreme hot, dry days. If your lawn is exhibiting dollar spot, it is recommended to change the watering routine to late morning and the middle of the day (only for a brief period of time during the middle of the day watering, your goal is to relieve stress - not hydrate the lawn). Although you will experience water evaporation at a higher pace than normal, the turf will have some relief from the stress of the environment. Once the fungus has cleared up, feel free to return to your normal watering schedule. Dollar spot affects many grass types, though is most sever on Kentucky Bluegrass.

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Corrective Measures:

Fungicides are not usually warranted, though if you need a technician to come out and review the condition of your lawn, feel free to contact us at 419-536-4344.


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