Tree Care Services - Diseases: Diplodia Tip Blight

Diplodia is a fungus that causes blighting/discoloration of needles on conifers, leaving the tree disfigured. Austrian Pine seems most vulnerable (usually seen on new growth). This fungus will not usually kill the plant; though can seriously disfigure and weaken it, leaving the plant more susceptible to insect, disease, drought or other damage.

The fungus spreads during wet conditions when spores are carried through wind, water, animals, insects or equipment. Diplodia attacks new buds of mature pines, causing an infection of the needles which will die, turn brown and disfigure (though sap will usually 'hold' the needles in place).

Diplodia Tip Blight is most severe on trees that are stressed. It is recommended to treat for this disease in early spring before bud break and consider a deep root fertilization if the damage was severe. Proper watering, site location, nutrients and pruning can keep your tree healthy and make it less susceptible to Diplodia Tip Blight.

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