Lawn Insect Control: Cut Worms

Damage from this pest can be sudden. The majority of the damage occurs throughout spring (though they may still be active during the summer) and during night. During the day, the larvae hides under the soil.

Larvae size: depending on species: 0.75 - 2 inches

Cutworms 'cut down' plants as they feed. Depending on the species of cutworm, some plants are chewed at the base while others are eaten at the leaf, fruit, bud, root or subsurface portions.

In June, the larvae/caterpillar will pupate in the soil and later emerges in their adult stage as a moth.

The cutworm ranges in color; from gray and black, tan, green and even pink and can be as long as 2 inches. Damage appears as grass clipped or chewed off near the base, or crown. This will produce small patches of damaged turf that will expand as they cutworm continues to feed. Winter in Ohio and Michigan does not allow this pest to become too much of a problem other than spring (as there is one generation per year).

What to look for:

What homeowners can do:

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