Lawn Care Insect Control Services: Cicada Killers

Although these wasp are large (around 2"), they are not as aggressive as one would think. The males do not have stingers, though are very territorial and have been known to dive bomb individuals as they pass through their territory. Females have stingers, though are not aggressive and rarely sting unless provoked. Cicada killers live in dug out burrows on lawns and can easily become a nuisance to home owners.

Adult size: about 2 inches

Cicada killers do not live in colonies nor rely much on eachothers to raise their offspring. The cicada killer gets its name from hunting cicadas and other insects, paralyzing them, and then bringing them to their burrow for their young to feed on over the winter. The larvae will emerge as the adult the following June or July. Their mounds can be an unsightly problem on a lawn.

What homeowners can do:


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