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Fertilization Services: Lambertville

Providing Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services in Lambertville, MI

If you live in Lambertville, we can help get your lawn in shape with our 5-step fertilization program! Our passion is your turf! Your lawn is an extension of your home and provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, entertainment and relaxation and we want it to look its best. Not all lawns are the same and we can help customize a lawn care program to fit your needs and the needs of your lawn. A lot of properties in Southeast Michigan have sandy soils (though not all) and may require specialty services that go above and beyond our basic lawn care program.

lambertville michigan weed control services

What you get with GSI

With the help of GSI we can get your lawn looking healthy and beautiful in no time! We can help maintain your lawn from those pesky weeds, grubs, insects and diseases so you can focus on enjoying your lawn, instead of treating it. We can begin a customize a lawn care program by starting with an optional soil test. This test will let us know the properties of your soil and it will enable us to establish a personalized treatment plan. The results of a soil test will help when recommending the type of fertilization treatment, synthetic or organic, along with other possible services. Weed, insect and disease control along with tree and shrub services can be added as needed, or on an annual basis, to help keep everything healthy all season long! We will always inform you if any precautions are needed after a treatment. Keeping your family and pets safe is important to us.

Other services we offer: deep root feeding for trees and landscape, organic fertilizers, soil correction products, disease control services, insect control services, and much more. A lawn care program can be customized for your lawn and your needs and doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all like some of the other guys do.

You can feel confident knowing when a member of GSI is on your lawn. They will be in uniform and in a company truck. We use industry leading equipment, quality products and are licensed in the State of Ohio and Michigan. We will greet you by your first name and put pride into making your lawn look the best that it can. Call us today to see how we can help you 567-952-0057