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Lawn Fertilization Company: Perrysburg, OH

Providing Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control for Perrysburg, OH!

Keeping your grass green and weed free for over 25 years! Your lawn will be cared for by our team of knowledgeable lawn care technicians who have experience with lawns and their required treatment programs in Perrysburg. We offer flexible lawn, tree and shrub care programs and use high quality products to ensure your property looks it's best and receives the nutrients it needs! Get a Fast, Free Quote Now!

perrysburg ohio lawn fertilization services

A beautiful lawn requires a few steps to reach its full potential. First, crabgrass prevention is applied in early spring along with fertilizer to help protect your lawn from grassy weeds (such as crabgrass) throughout the season. The second lawn treatment includes broadleaf weed control to keep unwanted broadleaf weeds out of the lawn so your turf is not competing with them for moisture or nutrients. Lawn fertilizer is also applied at this time. Third step includes a slow-release granular fertilizer treatment tailored for the summer months in Perrysburg and spot treatment of weeds (also a great time to get a preventative grub control). The fall fertilizer application (fourth step) provides additional nutrients for cell development (the plant bounces back from stresses faster) and weed control if needed. Our final fertilization service of the season will nourish your lawn with nutrients that aid in root development (your lawn will thicken up in the thin areas) through the winter months so in spring, the lawn will pop out of dormancy faster and green up sooner. Over time, these nutrients will help your lawn naturally keep weeds from encroaching as the lawn crowds them out.

Benefits of working with GSI for your Perrysburg home

Other services we offer: grub control, general insect control, tree insect and disease control, tree/shrub nutrient boosters and more! If you have any issues with your lawn or landscape, call our team to see what we can do for you. We will give you an honest answer to issues plaguing your lawn and landscape. You can feel confident knowing when a member of GSI is on your lawn; they will be in uniform and in a company truck. We use industry leading equipment, quality products and are licensed in the State of Ohio and Michigan. We will greet you by your first name and put pride into making your lawn look the best that it can. We are local and plan to stay that way.

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