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Lawn Fertilization: Servicing Oregon, OH

Helping your lawn stay lush and healthy all season long in Oregon, OH!

Maintaining a healthy lawn is a fun and rewarding experience! Our team of lawn care technicians and office personnel wants to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams so you can enjoy it with your friends and family. Whether you use your lawn for hosting those summer barbeque parties or simply admiring your mow lines while you sip iced tea, your lawn is an extension of your home and we want you to enjoy your outdoor space. Our 5-step fertilization program can keep crabgrass and weeds out while feeding the turf to keep it healthy and green throughout the growing season. Each fertilization application is about 7 weeks apart from each other and if weeds or other issues pop up between apps, it's as easy as a phone call to have a technician stop out and make it right.

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Benefits of working with GSI

If you live in the Oregon, Ohio area GSI is here to help you! With the help of GSI we can get your lawn looking healthy and beautiful in no time! We can help control your lawn from those pesky weeds, grubs, insects and diseases so you can focus on enjoying your lawn, instead of treating it. Our weed control service can treat your lawn to remove any unwanted weeds/vegetation. If bugs are your problem, our experienced technicians will be able to determine if the problem stems from insects (Ticks,Fleas, billbugs, Chinch Bugs) or grubs. From there your technician can evaluate your lawn to see what the best treatment will be. Any of these services can be paired with our lawn fertilization treatments, so you and your family can start enjoying a healthy, beautiful lawn. As with any services, our technicians and staff will let you know of any precautions you may need to take after a service is completed. You can feel confident knowing when a member of GSI is on your lawn that they will be in uniform and in a company truck. Call us today to see how we can help you 567-952-0057