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Lawn Fertilization: Servicing Maumee, OH

Lawn Care Services to Meet Your Needs in Maumee, OH

When working with a small local business, you not only support local, but you can get more value for your dollar. We know the area, the plants and the climate. Your lawn will be cared for with products designed specifically for our growing zone and the cool-season turf types that naturally flourish in the Maumee and Greater Toledo area. Being a small business, we are flexible enough to get the right product for your lawn without the inconvenience of a chain of command who makes those decisions from afar. If needed, your applications can be swapped out for other products or you may add specialty services throughout the season (such as lime or milorganite to help change your soil properties).

maumee ohio weed control services

Grounds Services, Inc. has provided fertilization and weed control services to Maumee residents and commercial properties for over 25 years! We are a small, family run shop with our roots in Toledo. You are not only our customers, but our neighbors as well. When you choose GSI to service your lawn, you are choosing a lawn care company that is local, easy to reach and will strive to get your lawn looking it's best.

What do you want out of your lawn?

Our lawns are an extension of our homes and living space. Some want their lawn to be a canvas full of a variety of plants and gardens, others want a spot to relax by the pool while barbecuing, and some just want their own private peaceful area in nature. Whatever your goals for your lawn, we want you to enjoy it and will work with you on achieving that private oasis.

Benefits you get when working with GSI:

What our common lawn care program looks like:

Most of our Maumee customers have the 5-step lawn care program. This puts a technician out on your lawn about every seven weeks, though if you have any issues between fertilizer applications, it's as simple as a phone call. The first application of the season contains a granular fertilizer with crabgrass prevention. This product needs to be applied before soil temperatures heat up to 55 degrees (seeding is not recommended at this time as the pre-emergence will target grass seed as well as crabgrass and other weedy grass seeds). Applications 2 - 4 include granular fertilizer, with the release dependant on the temperatures and timing of the season, as well as a liquid broadleaf weed control to target weeds such as dandelions, clover and wild violets. The final application of the season is a winterizer designed to show results the following spring. Generally, the weed control is not applied or needed at the end of the season.

Other services we offer:
Our core services are the fertilization and weed control applications for the lawn, though we also offer soil test to see if there are any deficiencies, insect controls to target pest such as grubs and ticks, complete vegetation control, nutrient boosters for your landscape and turf and much, much more! If you have a specific concern with your lawn, trees or landscape, feel free to reach out to us and we can have one of our trained technicians stop out to evaluate your property.

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