Lawn Care Treatment & Services: Late Spring/Early Summer

As the threat of frost passes, early summer is the ideal time to bring new life to the lawn with a variety of plants (Though NOT the ideal time to seed a lawn - See Late Summer/Early Fall Lawn Care Services for more information). The weather is usually stable and naturally moist which aids in new plantings ability to adjust. Request a fertilization quote. If the summers weather turns hot and dry, make sure to give your new plantings plenty of water.

Chemical Lawn Care Treatments

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Application # 2

This application consist of granular fertilizer with liquid weed control to target broadleaf weeds. The liquid weed control product is absorbed through the leaf of the plant and travels down to the root system. Within a week or two, the weeds will begin curling then start dying out. This is also the time to raise the mower blade height to 2 inches to 2.5 inches.

Other seasonal lawn care services offered in late spring / early summer:

Weed Control
Insect Control
Dollar Spot
Red Thread
Leaf Spot
Ground Burrowing Mammals

Chemical Tree & Shrub Care

Late spring / early summer is typically the start for many issues on our landscaped tree and shrub plants. Insects, mites and scale start feeding on leaves and other juices from the plant which may leave it susceptible to other issues. Call us for a free review if you have any questions about the health of the trees & shrubs in your lawn.

Insect Control


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